Stories for staying at home: A time of pandemic. Covid-19 strategy. (Wayuunaiki version)

1 Story + Lesson plan

A virus has struck La Aldea, and nothing will ever be the same again. Ernest the tapir doesn’t believe in the danger and throws a party attended by half the village.
Days later, opossums, moorhens and ants are complaining of aches and pains, high fevers, and breathing difficulties… Will Lucy the turtle, the leader of La Aldea, be able to deal with the situation? And will the other inhabitants understand in time that fighting the virus will require the collective responsibility of all?

With this book and its audiobooks and activities, children and adults can learn about the epidemic and understand the best way to cope and protect themselves. The stories of La Aldea are also an opportunity to open different spaces as a family, in which parents and children can learn about the current reality while reading, talking, investigating and playing.




5-14 years



The virus reached La Aldea and, from that moment on, nothing would be the same again.