La Aldea: Stories for a World in Transition: A joint effort. (Spanish version)

4 Stories + Lesson plans
COP $45,000

Suns, moons, harvests, and dry and rainy seasons passed, but the virus remained. The inhabitants of La Aldea, against all the odds, began to get used to its presence but they still didn’t know how to rebuild their lives. Sometimes the school in La Aldea was open, other times it was closed, and nobody knew what would happen the next day. What surprises would they encounter? What botches and bungles would they make? How many new things would they learn?

Through this book composed of four stories, audiobooks and a series of mathematical challenges, boys and girls will be able to continue with their learning process, either from home or from school. The stories of La Aldea invite them to question and reflect on the current situation facing their country and the world. All this while reading, learning, investigating, talking, analyzing, singing and playing.





Will the inhabitants of La Aldea be able to rebuild their lives and continue learning?