Stories for staying at home: The long wait. Covid-19 strategy. (English version)

6 Stories + Lesson plans

And so, the unthinkable happened… La Aldea closed its gates. All the animals would have to stay in their homes for as long as was necessary. A quarantine was in effect, and no one could have imagined the challenges it would bring. How would Peter the porcupine, Arnold the opossum, Harry the chameleon, Lucy the turtle and all the other animals contend with the lockdown?

With this six-story book, and its audiobooks and activities, children and adults can learn about the epidemic and understand the best way to cope and protect themselves. The stories of La Aldea are also an opportunity to open different spaces as a family, in which parents and children can learn about the current reality while reading, talking, investigating and playing.




5-14 years



The unthinkable had happened: life in La Aldea would be on pause for who knew how long.